Mark Crossfield golf coach talks about how to control your downswing and how to get the most from your hips and shoulders. If you struggle from blocks or over hooks these golf tips might just help you play some better golf. For simple and easy to follow golf instruction follow Mark’s YouTube channel today to help improve your golf game.

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  1. Great tips Mark – going to try the hips tip on my lad when we get a chance to play again as he has a huge hip movement, he is just under 6ft 5 and thin with long levers which don't always compute together lol and like the lad in the video he can suffer the big block out to the right, will see how it works, thanks again

  2. The real question in where is the original Rinky Ping hybrid? Quite a few videos using the new one hmmmm. Good drills though

  3. Let's get a charity golf youtuber tournament going. Me and my golf, Crossfield, Dan, Lockey, Ray, Shiels, Finch, Andy, Seb, Chris…. Leeeets gooooo

  4. these ideas and drills at home are very very helpful. Thank you. And if I win the Bushnell, OMG Thank You!! lol

  5. β€œDrills are useless unless you connect them to a feeling and reality!” Love that Bruh … great nugget that has landed!! πŸ‘πŸ»

  6. This is Exactly what I need right now. Thanks Mark. Seriously struggling opening my shoulders up and my wrists are overly active to bring the club face back square causing hooks. These swing movement drills will help get me going πŸ‘

  7. Good ole Dawlish…I’ve watched so many videos it’s almost a destination course for me if I can ever get to flying across the pond for a visit…

  8. Love the daily Vlogs. There like mini lessons. Always the students responsibility to put it into practice.

  9. I like the match videos and have watched many of them. Iceland is a particular favorite. However I have a question. Do Mark a especially Coach stand with feet closed but shoulders and hips square ( sort of A swing style) or is this just an optical illusion?

  10. Great advice as always Mark. Too many people look for a simple one drill fix rather than working hard with their coach. Golf can be a slow grinding roller coaster. Cheers bruh!