How To Use Your Hands at Impact in a Golf swing AskGolfGuru

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How To Use Your Hands at Impact in a Golf swing AskGolfGuru, Mark Crossfield PGA professional answers another question from his viewers about release and decel with the hands through impact.

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  1. Mark, Can you use the one footed drill with longer irons, 5 wood, 3 wood, and even the driver? or is it strictly for the shorter irons?

  2. jon these are all great tips ! but i feel with lesser players we need more on the mental game.what tips do you give

  3. I'm 9 months late but…I think a huge thing that most people do that kills everything in the swing is tension in the left forearm and wrist. Whenever we try to "go at the ball" or have doubts about the shot, they lock up. I think Ian is correct that at impact, the left arm stops moving and rotates. The left wrist must stay fluid and respond to the movement of the right wrist. If it locks up, it can lead to a block or chicken wing and it also drastically slows the club down.

  4. Love this one Mark. Just what I needed to help with the hand release issue that seems to prevail in my swing at the mo. Cheers.