How To Use Your Wrists in the Golf Swing

How To Use Your Wrists in the Golf Swing

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  2. Functional golf over technically correct golf any day of the week. What is your opinion on pros that insist on a technically correct swing, Mark?

  3. One challenge that we never discuss is the difficulty of finding a good teacher. There is so much snake oil out there. There are also so many young struggling pros trying just to make ends meet. Golf instruction is expensive and most of us can't afford the trial and error of finding a good instructor.

  4. As usual very sensible. Is there a grip and top of the back swing position that makes it a higher probability to hit workable shots for those of us that don't have a grooved swing?

  5. Hi, I think you are onto something here.  This is a subject that you could go more in depth on. You touched on a point  with the starting positions and where they end up at on the top of the backswing, maybe you would be willing to do a follow up on that with visuals?  Showing how different angles (swing paths), can and do in fact return the clubface to square.  Also if you can explain the why of it? Thank you.

  6. Mark id appreciate if you could do a video on how the wrist actually work on the downswing, I've heard all different theories like 'hit the ball with the palm of right hand' or 'the golf swing is like chopping wood' I'm confused, keep up the videos

  7. great vid mark- I've been toying with different wrist positions during swing especially when trying to shape shots- such a simple change in position can make massive difference

  8. Interesting view. I tend to concur with the idea that we are al different physically and so we need different ways of attaining the same numbers.

  9. great vlog going through all this stuff at the moment – I find there is a lot of inconsistencies with each shot I play – practice practice practice – would love to have one swing that actually worked every time

  10. I know I went wrong in wrist set when I thought I would create more lag. I now make sure my grip is set right for me and let my wrist set naturally and I find I'm more aware of where the club face is.

  11. I like your teaching method. I've never heard it explained like that. My comment is about swing speed though. I watch all your vlogs, and my iron distance is identical to yours. The driver is where the difference is. My swing speed cold is 95 or so, after warming up some I can generate 100-101. I use a brand new name brand 499 driver but I can't hit it as far as you. You are 260-285 depending on conditions, I'm more like 235-250. If I swing any "harder" I hook it in the trees. Any idea?

  12. great video again mark, have you come across the golfing machine by homer kelly? he spent years mapping out all different manners of swinging/hitting and what bits fit with each different type of swing. the only real 'fundamental' was a flat left wrist at impact and low point after the ball.

  13. Very good video. Most golfers don't realize how much your grip affects your plane.Hey Mark, how about a new what's-in-the-bag video so we can all see what you are playing and why?

  14. mark, when you were learning the game or even now do you make a deliberate effort to hinge your wrist going back regardless of grip at address?

  15. Dustin Johnson has a strong grip and bowed wrist at the top. By Mark's logic he should hook the ball? Drive-hold release allows him to bomb it straight everytime.