How Your Head Moves In The Golf Swing

Today we’re going to talk about how your head moves in the golf swing…
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There’s a lot of misconceptions about how your head moves in the golf swing. I want to prove some of them false.

I’m going to talk about how your head actually moves, and help you have some swing thoughts that can help you play better next time you go out on the course.

Let’s talk general first about how your head moves in the golf swing, and then let’s talk about some misconceptions that we hear.

As I’m swinging the golf club, like any athletic motion, there’s going to be some head movement going on. If I were to watch anyone play any other sport, whether they throw a ball or hit a ball, there’s going to be some head movement in space – up, down, left, and right – and some turning of my head as we go.

I think the idea of your head staying steady and still is a nice idea, and in general, maybe we don’t want to have so much movement, but in an effort to try and keep your head so dead still, I’ve seen that cause as much harm as it can help certain people.

So, the biggest misconception with the head motion is that when you hit a ball and you mis-hit it, whether you top it, or it goes left, right, or whatever, your assumption is that, “I picked my head up.”

I hear that so much, in person, doing all my lessons, that, “Well, my tendency is, I pick my head up, and that’s why I didn’t hit my shots,” and I’m here to tell you, I have never once, ever, since I’ve been doing this, seen someone hit a bad shot because they picked their head up.

There are all kinds of other things that might have happened that caused you to hit a bad shot, but picking your head up during the downswing follow-through is not one of them.

What I hear people say is, “Hey, I make a pretty good backswing. When I come down, all of a sudden now, I took my eyes off the ball.”

Well, if you go watch some of the best players in the world, most notably Annika Sorenstam when she used to play, David Duval, Dustin Johnson, Henrik Stenson as of late, myself, when I’m at impact, or when they’re at impact, their eyes are actually forward of the golf ball a couple feet, not even on the ball when they hit it.

So, the idea that your eyes must be on the ball or must be fixated on the ball to hit perfect shots is false.

I think the motion part we need to talk about a little bit, but your eyes don’t have to be fixated on the golf ball to hit perfect shots. So watch the video to see what I recommend you do from here.

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