Hybrid Golf Clubs – Set Up & Swing

What is a Hybrid golf club and how do you use it? Watch this video with Joe to find out.

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  1. I hit all my irons very well, however when i swing my hybrid i get bad results using the same swing as a six iron..my strong point with irons is hitting down on the ball and turning over at contact for a nice divit and great flight/swing, when i do this whith a hybrid it doesnt work.. any ideas.? 

  2. Sounds like a club fitting issue. First, check the length of the hybrid you are using (too long means the lie angle is "flatter" requiring a more shallow angle of attack, not down like your 6 iron) plus the loft needs to be high enough to launch the ball (swing speed check: minimum 90 MPH for anything below 22 degrees, if below that play 24 degrees and up). Try it and let me know. Joe 

  3. Joe, I went to the range and setup with my hand in front of the ball and positioned the ball in center, that works perfect , very happy! thanks!

  4. I love my hybrid easy the best club in my bag a have problems hitting my woods and driver but with the hybrid i can smash the thing miles.

  5. just watched 4 videos in a row on how to hit a hybrid. First one was ball forward in stance and sweep, second ball mid stance and hit down, third was forward and sweep and fourth (this one) was mid stance and hit down. ??

  6. Aha… so you don't play it in the front of your stance like a wood… [prepares to remove 1 stroke from every par 4-5 by next week] Excellent video, thanks!

  7. Yes the club replaces your irons but this isn't correct. The ball should be aligned with the back of the ball and the heel of your front foot aligned. Also, Hitting the ball with more of a sweeping motion. Hybrids don't have bounce like a iron. Also when he shows you the position of the ball, he should have the shaft almost straight with no lean forward or backwards, this is mostly due to his stance being to wide.