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  1. Do not listen to one word this guy say's on how to hit a 4 iron. Listen to me. The secret is to keep the club face open all the way to the ball and I mean fight with everything you have and keep that face open. What this does is it keeps your swing plain on a straight line to the target but most of all creates a vortex with the club head at the bottom of the swing as it hits the ball. This "Vortex" gives the ball no alternative but to go high and straight to the point where there is very little question as to where the ball will land.

  2. I have taken Golf swing lessons from this guide “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). They use important information like your arm length, height, shoulder width, and club length to make a model great for you. The lessons have already been unbelievably helpful, allowing me to drop my handicap from a 22 to a 15 in the last year.

  3. I prefer to hit all my clubs except the driver with the same swing.

    Telling mostly weekenders, who are the main audience here, to make special swings for individual clubs is ridiculous.

  4. My hybrid is so reliable. I can't seem to go wrong with it and know my distances perfectly . Is this just me or is this normal

  5. nicklaus's money shot was his high long irons. There were no hybrids back then so he had a massive advantage against the field …..on your typical, lush US open courses with rock hard greens.

  6. I find I get great club head speed out of the the hybrid. Since it is easier to hit I tend to swing them harder because I know I can.

  7. These golf swing secrets and techniques “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) go over the golf swing in great detail. The book tells the specific skills and swing tactics utilized by all golf tournament professionals. I`ve read 1/2 of this book as well as the ideas are perfect. I`ve scored 3 straight low 80s rounds right after reading this book.

  8. Rick great video I still cannot hit a hybrid to save my life. Mine goes low on the ground and to the fairway to the right. Still like your videos.

  9. I have the club had speed and I’m a 3 handicap. I start my irons at 5. Why make a hard game harder by using alllong irons. At least when you flub a hybrid is still goes somewhere

  10. Not trying to prove you wrong. But that's nearly 50 feet higher at 16 yards. Can't figure out why the same degree club would get that much higher. My main question is i keep hearing how much more forgiving these hybrids are but for the life of me I can't hit one. I know it's me doing something wrong I'm just getting back into it after at one point in my life I just began to get into it. Then I started having children didnt have the time for it now there getting older I was looking for a hobby just happened to see a few old clubs at a yard sale it brought me back to the fun of being on a course dont matter how bad I was it was still a blast. Got me a new set and can't wait for warmer weather. Videos like yours already have me hitting better than what I used to could. Except those damn hybrids

  11. Funny thing I could never hit hybrids for the life of me. So I stuck with irons – of course I can’t hit irons either????

  12. Is it beneficial or redundant to have both a long iron (3-4 iron) and a 3-hybrid (19°) in your bag?

  13. Hybrids were recommended for me as I have about an 88 mph swing speed. I use (Tom) Wishon hybrids and have an 18*, 21*, 24*, 27* & 31*.

  14. rick, it is my understanding that there are different levels of hybrids. I thought pro versions are available that offer more penetrating flight. also shafts can be swapped and fitted . I have several hybrids, favorite is a ping g25 3h which has a more penetrating flight for me. Can get it high or low. I have steelheads which seem to really launch high and are hard to flight down. Since I catch the rough often, I find the hybrids a great tool to get distance out of these situations. my 2 cents

  15. I like my longer irons better… being an old 20 year old my irons are more fit than the 'teenage' hybrids i got… most likely a fitting issue, so I don't really know

  16. I can hit a long iron straighter but a hybrid goes farther and higher, but for me I don't always hit the hybrid straight!