Hydro Flask Straw Lid/Cap, Fits Wide Mouth Sports Bottle Cap, Flip Top Lid with 2 Plastic Drinking Straws, Nontoxic & BPA, Dishwasher Safe, Special Rubber Coating, Leak Proof Insulated Plastic Lid

Do you already have your Hydro Flask Mouth bottle, called a perfect one for keeping drinks cold or hot for hours? So now you need an easy in usage complement to make this stuff work even better. How many times did you unscrew the cap of the bottle and get the water all over yourself while driving a car? And how angry were you when your old so called “reliable” lid leaked at the wrong time? Now you have an opportunity to get rid of that mess and problems. This perfect Hydro Flask Mouth Straw lid allows to drink while travelling, driving or doing any exercise really much easier!

Forget the time when you have some issues with your heavy bottle!

This unique lid with the straw of perfect length allows to drink safe and easy. Just stuck the straw into the lid and let do it! The straws can be cut, so they perfectly fit 18ounce 40ounce and 64ounce Hydro Flasks. Choose the best flask you like and use our item in your everyday life. And yes, it doesn’t leak. It was tested by numerous users and the result is still the same. Not a single drop appears when you tip the bottle upside down.

You’ll certainly notice many benefits of this lid compared with your old one:
1. Non-toxic and BPA material. Be sure it won’t smell bad while you sip your hot tea or coffee.
2. Special rubber coating. This feature makes the usage of this lid more durable.
3. The reliability of the lid. It remains tightly closed and saves your drink from leaking out from the flask.

But what the customers like most is the convenient finger loop, with the help of which you can easily carry your bottle wherever you go. And of course the manufacturer made everything to ease the cleaning process! The top rack is dishwasher safe, you can clean it so many times you need!
Don’t waste time, this is a real must-have accessory for active people that look for innovative methods for easy solutions. Buy this Hydro Flask Mouth Straw lid now!

Product Features

  • THE BEST ONE FOR HYDRATING ON THE GO. You need not to unscrew your bottle with the risk of getting the water all around. Just put this lid on the top, stuck straw and drink with ease while training or driving!
  • CONVENIENT AND DURABLE IN USAGE. The lid is complemented with two straws that fit 18ounce 40ounce and 64ounce Hydro Flasks. Due to the well-designed loop you can easily carry the bottle with you. Be attentive, it works only with the new style mouth flasks.
  • NON-TOXIC MATERIAL. The Hydro Flask Mouth Straw lid is made of polypropylene, so it’s totally safe for you and your loved ones! Be sure you won’t feel any bad taste or smell, sipping your drink.
  • NO-TILT DESIGN. Its strongest feature is easy access to drinking. The straw perfectly fits in the lid, so you need not to tilt your bottle.
  • WARRANTY FOR EVERY CUSTOMER. The manufacturer provides you with a lifetime warranty. Use this accessory wherever you go without wasted motion!

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  1. If you have a wide mouth steel thermos great, if you do not get one so you can use this top. I got the 64 ounce HydroFlask for next to the bed at night and added this top, It is perfect. The drink stays cold… and I am taking hurt your teeth cold for almost 2 nights in a row. This top is great, you use it like a straw so there is no spilling it trying to drink in a haze at 3:21am. plus it does not leak if you leave it open and it falls over because you are back in dreamland doing the dream…