I AM TIGER WOODS! Kittocks Course – Course Vlog – Part Two

I AM TIGER WOODS! Kittocks Course – Course Vlog – Part Two
In this second video from the wonderful Kittocks Course in St Andrews I play some pretty damn good golf at a stunning course!

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  1. I like the energetic feeling of the video(part one and two), this series is turning out to be A+++!!!! Well done sir!

  2. These two parts are literally a couple of my favorite. I love the explanation of why you are playing certain shots. It helps me ‘try’ to do the same with my game. I’ve been trying to talk out every shot and explain to myself why. Great vlogs, man!

  3. Love these simple course vlogs, so helpful to see you plot your way round!! 4 under for the 9 100%

  4. Lovely video Peter, well put together around a lovely course. You and Rick inspired me to go and watch regional Open qualifying for a fair few years now. I've followed you and many of your contemporaries for years now. I am however missing the fun, the banter, the craic. What happened to the boys who played night golf in Turkey at Christmas, Dubai night golf or the the wet and windy fourballs around Conway, around Delamere and lots of other courses. I miss that type of entertainment.

  5. Love the course management style of course blog. More. Course looks good. Your putting seems to have improved after your lessons and this new putter.

  6. These course vlogs are easily the best combination of instruction and entertainment I have seen on YouTube!! Keep it up Mr Finch!! 👍👍👍

  7. Loving this vid, Pete! Great to hear your thoughts and strategy on each hole. I'd love to see more of these.