I bought a NEW driver for under £20!

I bought a NEW driver for under £20!

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  1. When I was a kid, Slazenger were the clubs to have. But that was the 70’s and they were made of wood.

  2. Hi Rick, how about sticking a stiff shaft into your budget driver, more suited to your swing speed and giving it another go???

  3. To take this test further I would love to see you spend $20 on an X-Stiff shaft, install that with your favorite grip and get a random head cover. I bet you'd have a club that performs just as good as anything else out there when middled for under $100.

  4. I can't believe how I lost distance when switching to the m3 and m4 from my 2016 m1. I smash my m1on long balls around 280 and 260 average. M3 and M4 averaged 250 and smashes would go 260 max but I won't lie I was hitting them strait down the pipe.

  5. You've got to remember some of the other costs rolled into that $500 driver…R&D mostly, marketing, customer service, advertising to keep golf on TV, etc. I may pay too much for a driver, but I keep it for at least 5 years.

  6. What matts do you use a quest golf acadamy? Looking to buy a mat for home use and would like to plug tee in matt as you do

  7. €95 on a Cleveland 56° wedge, 10 years ago. Still playing my Ping G2 driver for €80 with stiff steel shaft and outdriving most of my buddies with €500 drivers

  8. I borrowed my brothers dunlop driver which was £13 with steel shaft and regularly hit it straight and well over 200 yards consitantly.

  9. I use a full Dunlop set of clubs ,as a student I can't afford the big brands ,and I manage to get round my local course OK 🙂

  10. I think most average golfers get caught up in the technology buying clubs that they will never get the maximum performance from.

  11. Love to see this kind of review. I'm a pretty terrible golfer and am on a limited budget, i take great pride in the fact that everything in my bag (including the bag) was bought (S/H) for less than £150! John Letters T9+ Driver & 3W, Wilson Di7 & Irons and a Rife putter.

  12. Brilliant review. Surely it show how much influence and skills of the golfer is involved in driving and whilst all the tech is great, the variation in strike and skill of the golfer overuses a lot of the tech.

  13. Question: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on just one club? Love to hear your thoughts down below!

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