I Can Make Your Downswing World Class w/ These 2 SIMPLE Moves

Weight Shift Video Series: https://rotaryswing.com/golf-instruction-videos/full-swing-basics/weight-shift/understanding-weight-shift-part-1?ad_id=cq-yt-simple-downswing

The golf downswing is IMPOSSIBLE if you’re overusing your arms like most amateur golfers. But, if you don’t use your arms what should you use?

The answer to all your questions to a simple and powerful downswing are in this video so enjoy!

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  1. Thanks Chuck! I've been gone too long from RST. I'm returning home. Need to get back to homeostasis with the 9to3 and this simple "weight shift, post, release" drill. it's such a sad story of how far I've drifted from the peaceful shores of RST (mainly due to playing while injured). For now, Cheers.