Every since I started playing Golf I have always had trouble hitting a Fairway Wood, getting distance and the ball up in the air. I only ever seemed to top the ball or get it meandering along at ground level.

BUT NOW… I hope that after this new practice drill that I was given by my local Golf Pro the days of my fearing the fairway wood and leaving it in my bag will be over.


I am a newbie golfer, 51 Years old and lets say, hmm a BIG lad… But that doesn’t stop me, I have a passion for the sport and although I have lots to learn I want to prove to people that Golf can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, size, shape or experience.

BIG OGGIE GOLF is my new channel dedicated to ALL golfers.

We can’t all be professional or scratch standard and many of us will never get close, but we can still have FUN.

So there will be regular Vlogs, Product reviews and Golf Course reviews from around the UK as well as Worldwide.

We will meet many golfers and golf fans along the way and I hope you will get to see things a little differently from the usual Golf Youtube Channels out there.

There will also be lots of fun to be had and once the channel is established regular Competitions for Channel subscribers to take part in.
Golf sometimes gets a bad press and whilst occasionally that might be justified I hope to show it as not quite as stuffy and stereotyped as one would imagine.
There will also be my thoughts on what makes golf seem so stressful for people just starting out, and I will be looking at ways of making that all important first step a little easier.

My Main Camera Canon 80D 18-135mm IS USM lens https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01CJMBXUC/?tag=thewavestud-21

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  1. That looks like its working pal. Im having lessons with a new coach its called flowmotion golf and i really like it. its great for an over weight person like me with limited movement. Keep at it pal.

  2. John, the fairway wood. What you really need to work on is ball position. Never follow others golfers in this respect. I am broad shouldered & with longer than natural arms & for me to hit the ball cleanly and consistently the ball on the fairway has to be just outside the left foot, right handed golfer, and with driver off the tee even more so. It has taken me months of sheer hard work to sort this out, and now pretty consistent with it. The feeling of the right shoulder chasing the ball on the downswing is good practice too. To be self taught in my own opinion is better than paying a poor pro to teach you what they think is right. A top quality pro on the other hand will look and evaluate your swing & will then work on you & your bodily movements & swing and fine tune it. Wish you all the best J this new golfing year 👍🏻

  3. Nice one john ! Made up you're hitting your woods now. Im a short hitter and have always relied on my woods to be able to score. I went through a stage about 4 years ago of not being able to get it off the deck and made me almost give up !

  4. It's like Tony Luczak's flamingo drill – looking good… Looking forward to the gap test!

  5. Mate the turkey aint gone but your belly is going down fair play good work keep it up you look so much slimmer now well done bud.

  6. Doing well hitting the wood off the deck, keep up the practice and the more you do it the more natural it will become. Good on you. Cheers.

  7. Nice thwack through the ball Oggie. Scenery, a good walk, nature and then golf is the pursuit. You score what you score but enjoy the moments. Look up z/ health, dr Bergman ,posture doc & motivational doc. Some great stuff there that will help you.