I swap golf clubs with the TALLEST GOLFER IN THE WORLD (7ft 7.5″)

I swap golf clubs with the WORLD’S TALLEST GOLFER (7ft 7.5″)
Paul Sturgess who is the TALLEST man in Europe and also the Tallest golfer in the world! Paul is 7ft 7.5 inches tall and plays off 7 handicap

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  1. How you kept a straight face when you said felt like you were just holding a shaft I'll never know 😂😂

  2. My how club technology has evolved. 20 years ago finding clubs for him must have been a nightmare. And while I'm sure there are still a few stumbling blocks today, it's cool he has access to great tech at 7'7.5"!

  3. I'm gutted that it was only one hole 😭 I was smiling and giggling the entire way, but was also really surprised that you both were not struggling as much as I thought you would

  4. Loved this vid. When you mentioned you might swap clubs with Paul in your last video I was so hoping you would do it. And here it is. Brilliant! Paul’s face at 8:42 was a picture. Can’t wait to see his YouTube channel. Thanks Rick.

  5. Amazing video! As always. Thank you from Seattle Washington. All of your videos and especially the driver guide has really helped me step up my game. Trying to correct a few years of bad habits throughout my whole game. You are an amazing teacher and I feel like i owe you thousands of dollars for your lessons. You keep it free and effective!

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