Ian Poulter’s Golf Challenge | How To Improve Your Golf Swing with Zing | CoolSculpting | Ep. 4

THE AB JOLTER?! We’re back again for another Coolsome challenge (4 of 5) where Pro-golfer, Ian Poulter, introduces us to the “Ab Jolter.” To help the Coolsome improve their golf swing, he’ll be sending a little jolt to their midsection every time they mess up. Will the Coolsome be able to complete this daring challenge?!? Their swing will definitely have a little extra zing to it. Watch the episode to find out!

Having Ian Poulter correct the form of your golf swing with a zing to your midsection? Not Cool. Freezing away stubborn belly fat with FDA-cleared nonsurgical fat reduction treatment, CoolSculpting? Now, that’s COOL!

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