I'm Never Buying Brand New Golf Clubs Again!! (These $18 GOODWILL GOLF CLUBS are SO GOOD!!)

In this video we head out to the course with a set of Goodwill golf clubs that cost a whopping $18!! After playing a few holes with them it made me question why I even buy brand new golf clubs. I mean these were not fitted, the wrong shaft flex and overall nothing I would ever consider buying. BUT!! These clubs performed AMAZING!!

GOLF BALL OF THE DAY: https://amzn.to/2LPqtl3

My What’s in the bag:

Driver: https://ebay.to/2Vk3djA
3 Wood: https://ebay.to/2PRmumr
Utility Iron: https://ebay.to/2DStXgi
Irons: https://ebay.to/2YajnJ3
Gap Wedge: https://ebay.to/2Y5epgE
Sand Wedge: https://ebay.to/2Y5epgE
Lob Wedge: https://ebay.to/2VKrBu5
Putter: https://ebay.to/2H5tKIB

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  1. Just goes to show; You can't buy a game, and you can't keep a skilled golfer down. Great job!

  2. Go team Goodwill. My two favorite clubs came from Goodwill. $1 a piece 😂👍

  3. Yeah I had to regrip Winn DryTacs cost way more than the clubs😂👍

  4. Good stuff! I've played quite a few goodwill drivers. I left the $1.99 sticker on them also. I just just picked up a barely used set of 710 CB's (3-P w S300), not at Goodwill, but really cheap. Really solid irons. No more "power bats" for this guy! I should have switched back to more traditional clubs a long time ago.