Impact Swing – Secret of the Golf Swing – How to hit a Golf Ball like a Pro Golfer


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Every golf swing is different, but every tour level golf pro has one identical swing key, that is the IMPACT SWING.

Sol Adoni is a genius, he has numerous doctorates in physics and math. He explains the simple physics of a TOUR LEVEL GOLF SWING and proves every golf pro is identical at one moment in a golf swing.

Sol Adoni gives tips how to make your swing find the secret of the golf swing every pro knows.

This book is short, but it is revolutionary in golf instruction since it explains, you can have many variances in a golf swing, yet if you want to be similar to a tour pro, YOU MUST HAVE AN IMPACT SWING and be identical to that one moment in a golf swing every pro is identical at.

Why hasn’t other golf teachers found this SECRET?

A genius is defined by taking lots of data and finding the common thing in that data. That is what genius Sol Adoni has done to the simple physics of a golf swing, found the common thread that connects every pro golfer to 1 SWING KEY and an IMPACT SWING.

Once you can mentally picture where your golf swing must be to resemble every tour pro there is, you will be able to do things like a pro in your golf swing and your distance will increase dramatically. The secret of the golf swing in this book will help you increase your swing speed and hit a golf ball like a pro golfer.

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  1. … follow the pictures in the book that shows the greatest golfers in history at impact This is a very short read but if you just follow the pictures in the book that shows the greatest golfers in history at impact, you understand what Dr. Adoni is saying very clearly.After four decades of instruction with some of the top PGA teaching pros that resulted in my swing going nowhere, I have gained a dramatic increase in distance by following what Dr. Adoni so simply explains.My driver had to be reshafted with a stiff flex again, and as a senior golfer the idea…