Improve Andy’s Golf Swing – Episode 2 Lower Numbers

►Andy has had a golf lesson. The analysis of Andy’s swing is also included in the video. Leave your comments on how you think the changes seem 🙂
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  1. thumbs up carter, good positive changes and great attitude but dont forget the short game dude. phil mickelson comes to mind

  2. Nice! looks really controlled keep it up carter.
    You can get there mate.????thanks for video.

  3. I am working on a lot of the same things u are. My right hand grip is very similar to your new one. I feel like the thumb bone is the part of my thumb putting the pressure on the grip. It helps a ton for me

  4. Great video Carter, I'm going threw a very similar swing change with my golf pro at the moment so it's nice to follow along with you and your progress. Good luck with the changes and I hope all goes well the end of march!

  5. Looks really solid. Definitely good thoughts for you. Was slightly more convincing without head-cover, though. Of course, it's work on your putting that will make the real difference! Best of luck, will follow with interest.

  6. That overdraw has got to go. Trust your quick hips and sit/shift weight left before letting them fire. Might neutralize path.

  7. Did not look all that much different than your regular swing as soon as you swing a little faster. You hand is still high compared to the drill/practice backswing.