Improve Ball Striking Consistency: Keep Your Head and Eyes Quiet

Improve Ball Striking Consistency: Keep Your Head and Eyes Quiet
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This simple golf swing lesson that discusses keeping the head still and the eyes quiet is so very important for consistent and good golf.

Why is it so important?

Well when the eyes or head dart around, we are losing our focus on the target because our brain is receiving new signals in a split second of new information.

This new information causes us to lose the focus and feel of the swing we need to hit the golf shot with the golf swing we want.



Terrible isn’t it that golf shots are effected by the smallest movement in our eyes and lack of focus.

Moving the eyes during the golf swing has become, for myself a problem over the years and one that I have to practice and work on to lessen the frequency and amount I do it.

So I want you to practice keeping your eyes still to improve your golf swing.

If we can interpret the head as a fixed point in the swing, then we can move and turn our body around it. We don’t want it to move side to side or up or down. The steadier we can keep it the better chance of a good shot occurring.

Use your eyes to monitor what your head is doing. During the setup position your eyes are generally fixed on a view on top of the ball. If your eyes and the straw move during the swing you know you’ve moved your head. If your straw moves over your back foot during your swing your eyes have moved also.

If your straw moves over your front foot, your eyes have moved also. So be aware of what your head is doing by paying attention to what your eyes are focused on.

Only really allow the movement of the head to occur when you have reached the follow through position in the swing. This is the position just after impact when the shaft is in a 45 degree angle to the ground.’

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with The Art of Simple Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Alex Fortey

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  1. yeah, i totally get what your saying, sometimes my eyes just zone out and get completely out of focus on the ball and that's when the real ugly fat shots come into play.

  2. I totally agree with the topic of your video. I was a terrible slicer and I rarely had mental clarity when I was over the ball. I've fixed my over the top swing path and my mind is focused on the quadrant "C". I used to draw a plus sign on the back of my ball, with the top, left the "A", top right the "B" and the lower left the "C". That helps the quite my mind, directs my focus and swing path. It's worked for me, give it a go.

  3. Thanks for sharing. At times I also lose track of the ball before impact. For me, that meant my body had already reacted as if strike already happened. That's when I'll hear a golf buddy say, "You came up." My best results come when I can "feel" the downswing path of the clubhead all the way through the ball, as if in slow motion. That's when I see the clubface go through the ball and I stay in the shot. Another major benefit I feel about stillness with the eyes is I'm keeping focus external, eliminating swing killing mechanical thoughts. Promotes a more fluid, freer swing. Now if I can only do it with every swing.

  4. Alex, I believe your eye problem is called focal dystonia ( I'm not sure of the spelling). Hank Haney also has this condition, it's like the yips of the eyes. Haney gets around it by focusing on the brim of his cap when taking a golf swing. I like your approach to instruction, keep up the good work.

  5. I noticed I'm doing this in my putting, and I'm quite sure I'm doing it in my full swing as well. Will share any progress I make.

  6. I have been working on this, trying to stay more centered, which helps me stay focused. but also maintaining my weight forward through my swing. giving me, at times high draws with driver. as opposed to wicked slices. GREAT VID,