Improve impact position will improve strike and shot outcome. You will be surprised how quickly this 4 swing drill will transform your game.

Remember to allow time to age the process to get the best from the 4 swing drill. This drill can be done at the range then taken onto the golf course as part of your pre-shot routine.

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  1. Fantastic, Christmas has arrived, a video with ball/turf , Tommy Fleetwood and That Sound .
    Could not be happier ( esp when I get That Sound !! )

  2. Live it mate. Def be trying these because I have been struggling with this and leaving the club open slightly and fading it still.
    Result 👍🏼👌🏽
    Hope you had a fantastic christmas 🎄🎁

  3. Another great video. Would you suggest using a weighted club to help reinforce the post impact extension in the swing? Also, I tend to hit best when I concentrate on moving my right shoulder under my chin during the downswing…any thoughts? Thanks for your answer.

  4. Please put these out in the morning. The range is shut now and you have shown a brilliant drill, I’ve seen this before but you explain it much better and I understand it unlike your last one 😀 have an epic Hogmanay and more of the same please next year.

  5. Steve, if you have an impact position ingrained year on year, i suspect changing anything in 4 shots would be near impossible. Will give this a go but I have struggled for years with a square on impact position. Would love to be able to hit the ball with a more open impact position.

  6. Just googled Danny Maude. Now I see what the chat is about. It’s a classic drill to incorporate extensor action as per Homer Kelly’s Golfing Machine.
    Wasn’t aware of Danny Maude, am now though!

  7. Hi Steve, brilliant video, Danny Maude calls this reverse engineering. But both of you are good coaches so am guessing it's normal that you have these similar ideas. Love watching your videos as well as Danny. Keep up the good work