Improve Your Backswing – Full Shoulder Turn Drills For Golf

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  1. Thanks Adam. Some great thoughts to work with. I just love the comparisons with what we do in every day life. You make it so simple to understand.

  2. Great video as always ! I really like the image of the lawnmower! I’ve a comment though. For golfers like me, with a long history of high demanding sports like boxing and swimming, I literally can’t turn my shoulders that much. I have a huge lack of flexibility because of the size of my chest and my lateral muscles. So the only way for me to reach a ”full” shoulder turn was to straighten up my body and thus get out of the plane. So now, I stop my backswing when my left arm is parallel to the ground, that’s my maximum turn. I’ve seen a lot of amateur golfers doing exactly the same mistake as I did. I think that a huge majority of amateur players aren’t flexible enough to reach a full shoulder turn…

  3. Just had a lesson and the Pro said the same thing, but this was explained much more simply than the lesson I received and is video cost nothing. By the way, this does work!

  4. And it keeps you centered- a downfall for most and a good way to stop the sway.

  5. Zero dislikes for this video…for good reason. I have too much lateral movement in my swing and i hit the ball fat a lot. I think it's because we hear about width in the swing and it's caused me to get confused about the correct movements. This makes perfect sense to me and i have a feeling it will help relieve some hip pain i get after playing golf. Thanks

  6. I enjoy your videos and how you present it. I refer golfers to your videos as they are clear, easy to understand and very helpful. Thanks for the quality videos…

  7. I understand the pivot motion but with my flexibility it feels like the club is too steep when I do this and my left arm is very bent.