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IMPROVE YOUR BODY TURN GOLF SWING. Mark Crossfield PGA golf professional talks today about turning your body for better tee shots with your driver and improved iron play. Mark’s simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instructional video help golfers learn for free with some fun ideas around golf.

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BJ Burris says:

Sir Matthew Lockey

Dan Ottmer says:

Jason Day for the Masters Mark did Taylormade send you the new P770? hit them today very nice!!

James Whelan says:

Bloomin loopy the lot of ya !!! ????????

Andrew DiFilippo says:

I think that spieth could win because he has played so well at Augusta in the past but I think Justin Rose could also win #masters17

Garrett Poole says:

Rory at Augusta

Chris 4 Par says:

Dustin Johnson 17 Masters,

Stephen Harris says:

Mcilroy will win this year.

Dusty Vallance says:

On a personal note Bruh, you have the cutest kids. All the good looks must be from you, hey Bruh.
Keep up the great vids as they are part of my daily routine. Would love to see you down in Australia and on to some of our great courses. Cheers bruh

The Simple Game says:

what app is mark using when he showed the golfer?

Matt Gomez says:

Thanks for answering my question! I guess I should have called it a "rinky dink" instead of a hybrid. ????

Ralph Bowe says:

Tiger, of course!

Jeremy Christensen says:

Phil the thrill! He's gonna surprise everybody

Stephen O'Sullivan says:

Nice kickers, mate. Need orange laces to match the tops, though. That would really complete the package. Cheers ….

Josh Leech says:

DJ is just too dominating right now. His game is a good fit to dominate Augusta.

Benjamin Kemp says:

DJ bests Sergio in a playoff

Aussie Taffia says:

Speith for the masters… he's coming into form.. Maybe Matsyama (spelling??) as a back up

Simon Begley says:

heart says Rory. head says Phil

Rob Sapko says:

Really like that hat, bruh!

Jason Mussell says:

Love the grip advice…also have a tendency to get steep and back on my heels…and I think DJ has a great shot at Augusta but I'm going with Jordan spieth for the W. can't wait to see who wins the TM prizes. Thanks for the videos Mark.

degorovi says:

DJ will win the masters this year.

Kevin A says:

lol hi Mark. I let my wife see a picture of your wife in this video. she thought it was herself! Your wife could be my wifes doppelganger! Cheers Bra.

Luke AC says:

Hope Jason day of Adam Scott have a shot a winning #teamAussie

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