Improve Your Club Head Speed With Your Golf Grip

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Improve Your Club Head Speed With Your Golf Grip. Simple, effective and easy to follow golf instruction from Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru on how to improve your drives and tee shots and gain more distance. Hit straighter and longer golf shots with this simple idea built around your golf grip. ~This is another golf lesson through mark’s golf app for iPhone, iPad and android devices.

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  1. Excellent, looks like that will allow me to maintain some lag at impact when the shaft lean occurs. When people have the grip of the left hand too much in the palm, all of my shaft lag gets converted into shaft lean. I have been searching for a method of maintaining some angle between the club shaft and my left forearm at impact. This video describes (placing the grip in the left hand more in the fingers and less down the palm) a method that should help me achieve my goal ( and in so doing create more club head speed, without increasing my club grip or hand speed through impact).

    I subscribed to your channel, thanks for the great video.
    Regards Luke

  2. Hi Mark great instruction, however I have a big problem where the clubhead rotates just before impact creating a low pull hook, so I try to hold the club off and then I lose distance and get a weak fade. Is there any drill I could use to get my hands rotating at the ball at the right time? hope you can help, my handicap has gone from 6 to 10 because of this problem.
    really hope for a reply.


  3. Much appreciated Mark!!! Don't have the same problem, but would argue I've gained a better understanding regarding this!!!

  4. Wow, that sure makes sense and my grip is NOT like that at all. I can't wait to get to the range and try this. thanks for the lesson, sure hope it works for me

  5. The problem with rolling the arms & especially the hands is that it must be timed perfectly or may cause a hook. In the video, it looks like you're flipping the wrists rather than allowing them to rotate naturally.

  6. Fantastic video. I've heard this concept multiple times but sometimes all it takes is a slight variation in the phrasing and the lightbulb goes on. Tried altering my left hand grip today at the range. Sticky start losing a few out to the right as I'm used to my grip being very strong. By the end of the basket I was able to clip my 4 iron off the mat consistently. Prior to this I have never been able to hit my 4 further than my 8 due to poor contact. Well done that man!

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