In 2000 Tiger Woods Accidentally Revealed the SECRET to the Golf Swing

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April 11, 2000 2 days after Tiger Woods finished 5th place in the 2000 Masters he went on golf channel and in the course of a conversation he revealed what many are now called the secret motor program to golf. Tiger went on to win the next 4 majors in a row, now referred to as the Tiger slam.

It is difficult to convince people of this because you don’t see it in pictures. The body WILL ALWAY go first, regardless of how fast you try to move your arms. The key is fast arms that outrace the body. (you don’t freeze the body either, let it react to the arms.)

Most of this footage is from “The Source of Power” available at

This move has also help me cut my handicap by more than half. (from 4.1 to 1.4)

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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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  1. Good job on your golf journey. Much respect for your efforts for helping the masses get better!

  2. Yes that CAN and most likely WILL create more speed…. BUT what about RATE OF CLOSURE? And controlling DYNAMIC LOFT ?

  3. This is so true! Ive been going through your old videos saying this but I came to this realization this summer after two years of snap hooking the ball so bad that I couldn't even get off the tee! I had to feel like I was all arms and completely holding my hips square in the downswing. Broke my best score by 5 strokes two weeks later. Would've been lower if knew how to putt for a damn!

  4. i focus on the same thing … drive the hands down and let the body follow … why am i not on tour??? 😉

  5. Last 5 rounds 71, 72, 76, 71, 74 focusing on "throwing" instead of rotating… I have never been more consistent. This is a secret because so many teachers are teaching it backwards with the hips and rotation. Brendon… you have done an excellent job exposing this and this is a great vid that I will be sharing

  6. Watch Rory. The absolute key to golf is left arm extension. The secret is to lock your left elbow and get comfortable doing that on ALL shots. The longer you can keep it locked, the better you will hit it. Just watch all the best ball strikers. Only Fowler and Speith chicken wing and I assure u their left arm is locked in that position and the reason they get away with it is because their right arm is fully extended at, and after impact. This mimics all of the great ball strikers but just uses the opposite arm. If you can keep ur elbow locked until at least 2 feet after impact on every shot u will be amazed at the consistency and distance.

  7. That little clip from Harmon/Tiger from Golf Channel with Peter Kessler is my holy grail; and the one thing I have picked up from it if you watch it closely: he does a short little check swing from top of backswing (like a checking of the shoulders as if you’re “taking” a pitch that you don’t swing out) — that gets the shaft shallowed and out in front of the rt shoulder a little. From there. His hands drop down closer to his rt thigh and he twists the left wrist into flexion bowing as the hands get into that position