IN MY TITLEIST GOLF BAG with Mark Crossfield . Mar shows what club has survived and talks about his new Titleist clubs and deal. See what mark makes of this new equipment and if it will help him this year to not lose to Lockey.

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  1. Bottom line is there is not one person who would not accept sponsorship deals similar to the ones you have acquired. Totally jealous of the gear. But you have earned it after years of hard work and developing your brand. Personally I have never liked club reviews in general. I share the sentiment that whatever you (and other YouTubers) tell us is mostly irrelevant compared to going and looking at them and testing them ourselves (not that I don't appreciate the reviews). And if you were biased you know you would be hurting your brand. Please ignore the haters Mark. I have enjoyed watching your channel and appreciate the content you put out and the work you put in. Here is to a great 2018! Cheers. #LockeyArmy #Foreright #Slingballs

  2. It's sad to see Mark go with the whole set up. Get back to instructional videos!!!! Getting more popular with the vlog, but don't wanna waste 20 minutes watching a video for a few minutes of good content

  3. No disrespect mark but you gotta be the worst player with a club deal lol love the show and keep making that $$$

  4. #262 Nice bag mark! I’m thinking about my setting for next year as well. Not sure to keep my 4iron (Mizuno JPX HM) in play or putting another hybrid in the bag…

  5. I didn't know the sm7's were out?! I need to check those out. I've loved the sm5's and 6's so much.

  6. Way to go Mark! Congratulations on your Titleist sponsorship. You are a class act and true gentleman to our game and you truly deserve it. No worries with regards to Taylormade. I do believe they are an exceptional club manufacturer, but think they might be getting a little to big for their britches. Little sour grapes there for signing on as a brand ambassador with Titleist. Keep up the great work!

  7. Totally with you on the thinner putter grip. I've never liked the feel of the fat grips. Always seemed weird that people have to take their glove off to putt but have a massive grip. Only surprise for me is the grips on your other clubs for me tour wraps give much better grip.

  8. Any sponsorship haters really have no idea. Mark always has and always will give unbiased reviews. He always focuses on the numbers and the human factor rather than the gimmicks of all manufacturers….. All this sponsorship deal is going to do is give Mark more money to put towards better content and give us a better look at the manufacturing side etc….. Keep up the great work Mark and I’m looking forward to what 2018 produces😀👍