IN THE BAG JORDAN SPIETH with the tour guys from Titleist and Mark Crossfield talking Jordan Spieth and his golf equipment. Take as look inside the Major winners golf bag and see what you can learn. making sure you have golf equipment that helps you play your best golf is important for all golfers looking to understand their golf games.

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  1. Yellow shirt dude needs to lay of the botox man , Zero expression is not a good look !

  2. Hi mark! I have a qustion okej if you dont want to answer it.
    The money you make on youtube can you live on it or does it only cover the trips you make and you coachning is what you are paying youre bills with? Hope you understand my crapy english 😉

  3. Pure Love !!! Such a Big fan og Jordans, I want a bag and set complete carbon copy of his soooo much ! Dont Care about the fitting, just beeing able to say that I would pen such a set… the confidence and “hype feeling” using it, would top any fitting for sure 🙂

  4. Would you say that if players who are contracted to one manufacturer had a choice they would improve ?

  5. Dear Titleist .. are we not allowed to know what woods spieth uses because it's not good for business? 😂 Awesome video as usual Mark cheers

  6. He might be making changes again soon…not enjoying his best season…but great stuff 👍
    He uses the same wedge set up as me (except mine are mizunos)

  7. not very thorough though is it , what else is in his bag mark ? we know he has golf clubs , I want to know what is lurking down in the bottom of the pockets! thats whats really interesting. black bananas? , squashed mars bars? half drunk bottles of flat pepsi ? or is he a coca cola guy? find out!

  8. So….what 3 wood and Driver does Jordan play? Yeah….hes testing the TS2 ….yeah yeah… sales pitch…..

  9. Really good series, very interresting to hear about what the pros use, how much they tinker, and how fast they adopt new things! Please keep these going.

  10. Love the variety of videos bruh. You've definitely got your finger on the pulse of us golf nuts. Keep it going.

  11. Soooo cool. Thanks, Mark. I LOVE how Titleist doesn't pressure him to put the latest and greatest in the bag. I could be wrong, but I feel like companies pumping out products every 9-12 months might be a bit more aggressive in their efforts to get new clubs in the hands of their pros.

  12. Great vid Bruh!! Titleist are professionals… their sh&t is "dope and tight." And I must say, having played the DT TruSoft of late, I'm quite "chuffed" with it… especially at the price point! Cheers Mark!