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Discover how grip pressure can affect the amount of clubhead speed you deliver! Using the GC Quad we examine the truth behind how firmly you should grip the club.

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  1. I thought increased grip pressure meant increased wrist tension, meaning slower swings speeds????

  2. Yes grip pressure is very important, if the club isn’t secure in your hands it’s like a loose worn out joint that should have very little play in it. So then when trying to compress the ball all the energy is being waisted in the worn out joint instead of being transferred to the object. Hope this makes sense, basically when the club is moving around in your hand all the energy cannot be transferred to the ball.

  3. Doen`t make sense without watching the screen simultaneously or at least watching the ball flight….😉
    You can do better

  4. You could hear the difference especially with the driver. You would want your wrists to be loose in order to properly release the clubhead, correct?

  5. I really enjoy your instruction and continue to work on letting go of my control to let my clubs swing freely. FYI- The new location is much harder to watch with the glare and sunlight into the stall.

  6. It'd be great if you could overlay the swing data on the video, or have a DTL video overlayed or splitscreened.

  7. First off 1-10 gauge doesn't do anyone person any good, your 5 might be someone else's 3 or other way around . I have a very strong grip pressure by nature and working out only intensifies it, So your 6 might be a 3 to me. Also explain how the shoulders and arms remain loose to swing the club if the grip needs that much intensity, this goes against every thing I've ever been told.

  8. The grip is what I usually tinker with whenever I 'lost' my swing or when I lost my mind…
    What is the best procedure when one loses his/her swing.

  9. Interesting video Shawn, I personally find that too loose a grip, I lose control to tight a grip I lose control ??, 5/10 grip pressure works well for me, grip pressure is a highly personal thing.

  10. I would argue that your drive went farther with a tighter grip because it sends a sensation to swing harder and or faster instinctively. Although, I do see your point to address grip pressure but I think there is a happy medium and would also argue it makes a difference between the club your using, I wouldn't suggest gripping really tight on pitch shots. I myself find that loosening my grip with driver gives me a sensation of more fluid movement and freedom- ( thus) speed, and as a result get further distance with minimal loss in dispersion. My point overall is there is no one size fits most or all.

  11. I've been experimenting with grip pressure recently but I went in the opposite direction. I've always had a good grip of the club but always felt that it prevented me from releasing the clubhead and getting that whipping action into my swing. Loosening the pressure really seems to help me with that and I'm actually hitting the ball further with the irons and can really take a rip at it with the woods because I'm confident I'm not going to push/fade/block the shot to the left (left hander). I suppose that with too much pressure I was creating too much tension in the forearms and shoulders.

  12. The right grip pressure varies from person to person. Lead and trail hand need to be different too. Similarly grip pressure with lead pinkie is strong compared to the index. Experiment to find the right balance. A (too) tight grip will inhibit release and increase tension. Food for thought though Shawn, Thanks.

  13. is it like when I squeeze the pool que on a break ?

    I tend to grip quite tight when at the top of the backswing as I feel I am pulling the club down and I also like a midsize grip to feel it better in my hand.

  14. I'm with you Shawn! Can't sink a nail in one shot without a strong, manly grip on the hammer!

  15. I totally agree that grip needs to bee secure. It's still interesting that Fred Couples and Vijay Singh almost let go right hand off the club after impact 🤔 It's amazing what these tour players can do!

  16. Bad teaching, the main issue for golfers are added grip pressure.
    I would bet the amateur will change the swing pattern when doing this.

  17. Many thanks for an interesting Vid Shawn, when you gripped the clubs tighter you could hear a different sound at impact. It sounded that you were getting a better/firmer compression on the Ball. I have always been suspicious of the advice to, "grip the club lightly", so I am off to the range shortly to try this advice out for myself. As I have arthritic issues in my fingers my 10/10 Grip pressure may not be very strong, but I am really interested to see if a can replicate your results/findings.

  18. We really can't tell exactly what is going on with regards grip pressure during the swing unless we had some pressure sensors either on the grip or on the gloves. However, you can still grip the club very firmly with the last 3 fingers of your lead hand and this doesn't seem to tense up the 'supinator muscles' but does tense up the 'pronator' muscles. So how you grip the club may impact the rate of supination and pronation of the forearms. I would have thought that a golfer would want the least amount of clubface rotation through impact, so a 'vice' grip through impact (done subconsciously) supported by a bent rear wrist would cushion impact and also limit 'gear effect' during collision.

  19. Thus my golf glove wearing a huge hole under the "heel" pad. Will try to be more secure with the grip.