Inside Approach Golf Swing Training Aid


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  1. Get a shoe box and put the lid over the box boy what golfers will pay for when they can get for free. If you cant understand what to do with the box email me .Look on Ampleforth golf club website for pro .

  2. I got this thing for about $20 at Target, it is the only training aid I have invested in that was worth a dam. I wasted money on the Medicus club ( P.O.S. ) and other things, and yes you can achieve close to the same thing with a shoebox or a head cover. This thing really teaches you to swing from the inside because you have to swing under the bar as well, it is almost impossible to come from over the top.

  3. i bought this thing years ago and broke it the first time i hit the pad. Β lol they guaranteed it wouldn't break if you hit the pad. Β boy were they wrong.

  4. This guide β€œkaha shocking guide” (Google it) presented me Golf swing lessons. They create a custom model based on your arm length, height, shoulder width, club length, etc. Before taking the lessons, my handicap is 12 but after completing them I was able to reach Fifteen.