Instant Golf Swing Improvement | Improve Ball Striking Open Stance For Freedom

Instant Golf Swing Improvement | Improve Ball Striking Open Stance For Freedom

Open Stance Swinging For Freedom To Increase Power and Consistency

Lee Trevino was known as one of the best ball strikers ever to play this game and I believe this simple golf swing tip to play with a slightly open stance will do wonders for many of you.

Too many golfers struggle with freedom in their golf swing.

This is due to sitting too much and having poor mobility in the body. Both of these factors really effect a free flowing and natural golf swing.

Simple on course emergency fix.

At time in my golfing life I have struggled on a given day. The swing has felt tight, restricted and I have been unable to commit to a free flowing swing causing poor ball striking and less distances.

But this simple golf tip for more power and consistency has helped me several times during a round and I am confident it will help you too.

Try this simple golf swing fix;

Open up you lead leg but be sure to not open your upper body too much.

When you swing maintain your line to the desired target and extend with confidence down the line, not across the foot line.

This will make you feel like you are swinging out to hit a push, but you are not. You are in your rails and you will hit your target.

Just try this simple tweak next time you are on the range or when you are on the course and struggling or feeling a tight golf swing and you might just find some much needed freedom in your golf swing.

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  1. This is so true and makes feeling that you are swinging through. But when you open your stance please open your front foot also so that your toes pointing little bit right ahead. This way you do not stress your knee or hip. That is a natural stance example to through or kick a ball. And is a right stance to hit golf ball. The classical 90 degree straight feet stance is so wrong.

  2. I started using this yesterday was getting stuck and hurting in my back was hitting farther with stance open and more accurate might be a change that I need to stay with

  3. You mean all that stuff they tell us about squaring ourselves to the target is just a bunch of hooey?

  4. Good advice. Square is too contrived, robotic and un-athletic. I do this with my putting stance too. My inside elbow stays connected to my body and my knee and hips are active and liberated.

  5. Looking into this recently. Does the stance become progressively more open as you go up through the bag? I.E. Less open with the wedge than the driver. Or more open with the wedge than the driver?

  6. I just figured this out today at the range. I grew up playing hockey as a lefty (natural righty) and baseball (switch hitter), and golf swing has been the most frustrating swing ever to learn. So, today I decided to open my stance as I would when I play hockey and it worked! To confirm this, I searched "open hockey stance golf swing" on YouTube and came across your video! Voila!!!

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