iRT-5 Hybrid Review: Gimmick or Real Deal?

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by Troy Klongerbo

Our team saw the numerous television ads during last week’s NCAA Golf Championships won by the Oklahoma Sooners. We’re sure you saw them, too. The craze was

You could learn more about a hybrid that will change the way you hit hybrids, forever.

The objective was to visit and see what all the noise was about with this new hybrid, destined to change the way hybrids were played.

So I went to the website, and here’s what I learned.

The iRT-5 Hybrid is brought to you by the same people who brought you the xE1 wedge. Arron Oberholser presents the hybrid the aims to change your golf game.

The club itself is a 24-degree hybrid with an orange and black color scheme with rails along the bottom. There are no gimmicks.

Here at USGolfTV, we’re familiar with golf clubs that have rails. We’ve partnered with PNP Golf and the Rake wedges for years now. They have a line of wedges with rakes along the sole to help golfers find success from all lies.

This rail technology has been used successfully before, and it’s still around. Must mean there’s staying power to the design!

It’s one area where I would disagree with Mr. Oberholser’s claim of “never before seen machete rails system.”

But I digress…

The club is designed with amateur golfers (and not professionals) in mind. No major manufacturers were involved in the marketing tactics or design features.

After doing research, viewing the commercials, and diving a little deeper into this golf club, I’ve discovered three key points to this golf club that will help amateurs.

1. The hybrid is designed to work out of various lies.

The rail design is a concept that has merit, absolutely. I’m not going to argue it doesn’t. The rail technology reduces the contact that the sole of the club (the bottom) has with the turf. It keeps the club from digging.

This means more success from those various treacherous lies.

Out of the rough, the fairway, the bunker, divots, and off the tee, golfers are seeing added performance with the iRT-5 hybrid.

With this reduced drag through impact, you’ll also see a slight uptick in club head speed.

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  1. Had the art 5 almost two months now. Not noticed much difference at all in distance nor straight ball hitting. So give it a try and return it for refund if not suited to you.

  2. Really liked your explanation of the club and it's features. However, ball data was sorely needed with this review.

  3. I bought the iRT mid summer and used it off and on. Generally pleased with results. I also bought the companion iRT clubs with the 28 and 32 degree. If the 24 degree iRT is basically a 5 iron replacement, what does the 28 and 32 replace? The 6 and 7 iron?