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tom colls says:

Was just looking this up! I'm not too flexible in the shoulders and lower back, and i think i lose posture by over swinging. What is your experience with your bigger bodied students?

Glenn Johnson says:

Great video. I've recently started using a shorter back swing but always worried about losing too much distance. Good to see this isn't the case. Much better strike now. Thanks for the tips.

Howie Land says:

Great point, Ali! I focus on shoulder turn without noticing what my hips are doing. I'll have to see if I can increase my X-factor by shortening my backswing. Thx!

x Boochie says:

Very timely video for me! Thanks for uploading.

Went to the range yesterday. Like you said in the video, I often find myself taking a big, full swing in an effort to generate more speed at contact. However, on way too many shots, I was hitting behind the ball and either chunking it or hitting it thin. In frustration, I decided to shorten my back swing to 3/4, maybe a little less, and I found I was striking the ball MUCH better with longer hits.

I reasoned that when taking a full swing, I was trying too hard to hit the ball. Slowing things down and shortening my back swing resulted in much more consistent ball strikes. Funny how that is. After watching your video, I now see why.

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