Is Keeping Your Head Down In The Golf Swing A Good Thing?

This video we look at how the head moves through the golf swing and maybe kill some of the typical golf sayings we hear all the time!!

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  1. I have Tom Watson's book, The Timeless Swing, and he has a smal but noticeable head movement and head rotation toward the back foot in the back swing, but he returns to the centre again. What he doesn't do is move his head vertically. However, a lot of the younger golfers, Tiger included drop their head level in the back swing and even more in the downswing. Why is that? A power move?

  2. I was practising at the Range on Sunday and was listening to a Grandfather and his teenage grandson in the next two Bays. The young lad had clearly never played golf before and just about everything was wrong with his swing, including his grip, his stance, his takeaway and his downswing. But all his grandfather was shouting at him was, "Ya lifting Ya Heed" (I think he was from Glasgow originally)! Just about everything was moving, but he certainly wasn't lifting his head!
    I desperately wanted to tell the boy to ignore his grandfather and just get his fundamentals sorted, but I kept stum. Such a shame because I think that experience will have put him off golf for life!