There are a lot of people who think that the backswing is not important in the golf swing. They look at very special golfers who are exceptions to the rule, because of their immense talent, and use them as an example of why you don’t need a great backswing. Dan argues that a great backswing will make everything easier later on in your golf swing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing……

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  1. Never a truer word .. I have the same issues as you described for Rory .. when I do get it right, the downswing and strike are so much better and easier it's unreal

  2. Definitely true, when I get my backswing down proper, it effects the transition and my downswing. Sometimes subtle things have drastic effects. It may be a bit different for different people and their mechanics but its definitely important.

  3. The first 18 inches of the back swing are the most important. If you can't get that right you're done.

  4. Total sense, although even when I keep the club outside the hands on the takeaway I still manage to cross the line at the top. Any advice please Dan?

  5. Very well said, if you get into the right position at the top the downswing often just takes care of itself.

  6. Good points. There is no one right backswing, but most players will have a backswing movement that fits best with the way they move the club.

  7. Couple of years ago I heard something on the Golf Channel. >90% of bad shots can be traced back to one of 3 basic faults: poor grip, poor setup, poor takeaway.

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