Is the golf swing the same for a Driver and an iron?

This video explains the main differences between hitting a Driver or an iron.

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  1. Definitely feels like a different swing to me, because of the angle of attack required. Head stays back more on a driver shot, so there is a slightly different relationship between ships and upper body. With an iron I'm a little more stacked as I shift toward target. With an iron I don't want to hang back and hit it fat. In addition, I want to be hitting the driver more from the inside, to compensate for the fact that the ball is more forward in the stance and on a taller tee. Otherwise, the club would be moving left by the time it hit the ball. And the more you hang back to try and hit up on it, the worse that gets because the ball is further from your sternum. With an iron you don't have that problem.

    That said, I'm still struggling to actually hit up on it with the driver – I'm at 0 degrees angle of attack according to flightscope, despite my efforts. Flightscope is radar based though, therefore has to guesstimate angle of attack in software, so it may or may not be accurate. Probably accurate enough, based on the fact my driver and 3W carry the same distance. A driver is basically useless unless you can hit up on it. (If you're not built like a gorilla.)