THE NEW – TaylorMade M5, M6 Titleist T1,TS3,TS2,TS , Cobra King F9 Speedback, Mizuno ST190, Callaway Epic Flash and PING G410 plus. BUT THE expensive ONE THE PXG DRIVER IS A CRAZY PRICE , SO I PUT IT UP AGAINST THE DONNEY SLAMMER LOL . SEE WHAT COMES UP ON TOP. AND ARE PXG CLUBS A RIP OFF
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  1. Very brave Liam thinking of playing a comp with a Hippo you'll get arrested , mind you I still have the Hippo Giant in the garage it is a 6 inch cube on a stick ugliest thing you will see on the course it was a birthday present from someone who didn't like me . but it must be HIPPO .

  2. TPG, I think John Daly had an endorsement deal with Hippo, not sure if he ever played them or not. I see them all the time in the $1. bin at Goodwill.

  3. Bought a set of Hippo Impact irons for £95 in 1996, still got them and I used them for my best ever medal round of 78, couldn’t beat them with Nike or Mizuno.

  4. HIPPO or Rhino matters not. TPG, how do I get a Golf Mates shirt, I'd be proud to wear here in America to promote the team. Please let me know.

  5. I would suggest play with what you hit the best.The highest priced club isn't worth nothing if you can't hit it.I also have a hippo i got for $20 . loved it till i broke the shaft.I play the callaway diablo now, it will takes something special to take it out my bag.i hit it against my friends sldr driver he got new and it was within 5-10 yards.i said to him i can save a few hundred i guess now…lol..

  6. Yeah I had a Hippo driver and it was ……push utter crap even James Robinson couldn't hit it 😀 and it ruined Ian Woosnams game but that one at least looks alright but if I was your caddie I'd tell you to leave it in the clubhouse 😀😀👍👍

  7. TPG, tomorrow is my son's bday, the one that has PTSD. I bought him a Titleist Ap2 3 iron for his set, a range finder, new glove and new shafts for his clubs. Now then, if I can get him out of his room and onto a course somewhere tomorrow. Wish me luck.

  8. You have completely lost your mind! Welcome to the club! Lol
    Play the Hippo…how often does I guy get to say that & not get slapped?
    Funny stuff.

  9. Cold? No global warming their Mate either? The idiots.

    That looks like the loony drivers they sold years ago on TV late at night. 'The UFO'- The Monster- The HAMMER- … you remember.

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