Jack Nicklaus golf swing in slow motion analyzed by PGA Pro Adam Bazalgette. Jack Nicklaus has a very powerful golf swing and in this video analysis of his swing Adam will break down the good things that Jack does and how you can learn from this slow motion golf swing. For more lessons please click the “Show More” button below.



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  1. I realize that keying on turning my hips as much on my back swing, as I do on my forward swing, might lead to some stray shots. My other move is more like Jason Day, where I move my right trail hip back, which restricts my hips, which will keep my shots less stray.

    So I have my Jack Niclaus swing, and my swing that looks more like Jason Day. Either way, these two types of swings set me up so that on the down swing I have a really good lower body movement to hit solid shots at impact.

    I have watched your analysis of Jason Day, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler.

    The drill that led me to my Jack was swinging back and forth with my club, keying on swinging my hips forward and back wards, to and fro, and then after my last fro back swing, still keying on the hips swinging back, then as the final part of the drill, stepping towards the target line, and hitting the ball.

    I have learned that the best youtube golf videos only have a few thousand views, and that the golf instruction videos that have millions of views tend to be ones that talk down to the viewers and do not actually teach any useful information.

    In my opinion, the back swing is what most golfers get wrong. They try to create a non symmetrical one sided swing, and when they do try to create a two sided swing, they get stuck. I am happy to say that because I now know how to be in a good position during my back swing, during my transition and during my down swing, I no longer get stuck.

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  2. Adam it is interesting that other than yourself there is only one comment on this video of the greatest golfer ever. People don't study this swing enough and it is a very natural athletic motion. Strange really because super ball striking was Jack's forte Jack had a fantastic golf swing that hit the ball long and very straight. In today's game the closest swing to Jack's motion is Bubba Watson who is not a huge unit and is massively long. There are a few fringe underground instructors that teach on the lines of the Nicklaus swing but it is not a model used in modern pop swing instruction and I think this is a huge mistake. There is a myth that the coil is too big and a normal person could not replicate it but is not true. Jack was very strong but not super flexible, but that did not matter because although in the backswing he had a huge shoulder turn he also had a huge hip turn so there was not too much pressure on the back. He also lifted his heft heel which relieved even more pressure and has an added benefit which would cure a very common mistake of the average golfer "Hitting from the top". Because the heel is lifted the natural instinct is replant it as the first move in transition and if you do that you are starting the downswing sequence in the right sequence and breathing life into the motion.
    Jack is a modest down to earth no messing salt of the earth individual and I think it is because of this that his swing has been overlooked as the go to model.

  3. Good video of the greatest. Jack was definitely more of a fader than a drawer. Thought you were going to mention the vertical swing plane.

  4. Wonderful rhythm,winds up and stores power before coming down with a flourish and extending fully through the ball

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