Jason Day Golf Swing | Key to Easy Speed

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In this Jason Day Golf Swing Analysis video…

You’re going to find out the easiest way you can pick up distance TODAY!

Day’s got a fantastic golf swing, with a ton of movements you’d do well to add to your own swing.

But in this video, we’ll focus on how he performs what I call “The Power Turn.”

Get ready for a ton of detail that will help you load up and blast through the ball, including:

How to use your legs to increase your rotation
Why a popular piece of advice about your hips might be sapping your swing of speed
How to get your upper body to feel like a towel being wrung out
How to turn through and release all the energy you built up going back
Tons more!
Watch this analysis of Jason Day’s golf swing right now… and you could pick up several yards the very next time you’re on the course!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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  1. Clay, the rubber band analogy is poor. There is virtually zero potential energy stored from the elastic stretching of human tissue. Human tissue doesn't work that way.

    It is preferred to turn far on the backswing because it provides more distance to accelerate during the downswing. That is the primary benefit of a full turn.

    Better analogy:
    Two drag racers are waiting at the finish line. One is rolled backward 100 yards and one is rolled backward 200 yards. Which one will have a higher top speed when they cross the finish line? The 200-yarder. Because of the increased distance available to accelerate. Neither car has any stored potential energy due to the rolling backward.

    Your body position instruction is fantastic. There are lots of good Anatomical/Physiological reasons to hit those positions, but rubber stretching isn't one of them.