Jason Day’s Golf Swing Secrets | HANK HANEY: SWING LIKE A PRO

Hank Haney breaks down Jason Day’s golf swing.

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Jason Day’s Golf Swing Secrets | HANK HANEY: SWING LIKE A PRO

Starring: Jason Day and Hank Haney

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  1. Great Video ! Everyone at any level can benefit from these swing keys from a great teacher and the 2015 PGA Champion Jason Day.

  2. I tried to watch this video but you wanted to force me to watch a 30 sec. commercial?! which I could not stop after 5 sec. That is just NOT DONE ! So I stopped the video after 7 sec. !!!
    There are golf channels that have 4 x times as much subscribers as you have and would NEVER dare to do such a thing. If you show one more video like that (30sec commercial for a 2.5 min. video) then I UNSUB. . ….LET THE FREEDOM TO THE VIEWERS IF THEY WANT TO WATCH A COMMERCIAL!…BUT DON'T SHOVE IT IN THEIR THROATS. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY, RE-THINK YOUR BUSINESS MODEL.