Jim McLean Golf Swing Analysis- Bruce Lietzke


McLean analyzes Bruce Lietzke’s golf swing. Bruce and Jim attended the University of Houston and played on the golf team.

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  1. Bruce said that didn't you want a flat left wrist at impact so it didn't hurt having it flat at the top. Pretty simple for Bruce

  2. One thing worth noting, his grip is somewhat weak, the back of his left hand is pointing to the target. Therefore, even with the bowed wrist, is clubface is only slightly closed.
    Combining a bowed left wrist with a strong grip is not such a good combination.

  3. I would leave this up to Jim to answer, but I don't think his grip is that weak. I suspect golfers are just too accustomed to all the strong grips in the game today. Also this swing is much more teachable than the PC down the line stuff that's taught these days. If you hand people a club and ask them to swing, they're far more likely to swing like this than they are to contort their bodies to do what the instructor wants–not always a good thing, but useful in this case.

  4. Lietzke, Furyk – wonderful athletes and unique swings.

    Jim, I disagree with using the railway workers sledge hammer analogy. Their job was to smash the spike DOWN into the ground.

    If you have ever taken a heavy axe or hammer and swung so as to throw the hammer down the fairway to the target, you'll notice that the body reacts in such a way as to find the swing plane naturally. There isn't need for a looping action at all. And you can hit the spike every time as well. This is a great drill.

  5. So on his backswing he is taking it inside, is that because he wants to coil and engage the connection between his left bicep and left pectoral? Also I really appreciate the belt buckle note but I also noticed that even though he extends his lower half through to that position his head stays inside the box, in fact his left ear is in the centre of your highlighted square. Is that something I should try and do?

  6. Ridiculous. Very possible to teach both swings, although Furyk gives up too much power. Talk to Kelvin Miyahira, he knows how to do it. Wouldn't slide laterally as much as Bruce does, btw, or stand as close as Furyk.

  7. We followed Bruce at the Bob Hope about 11 years ago, it was on an off course that day (no movie stars) so we were among very few watching, We wanted to see a slicer play.  Bruce hit a very high FADE with his irons a pro fade maybe 5 yards..and his driver was darn near straight most of the time… McLean fails to mention but Bruce set up almost square not open like Travino and hit a high almost straight shot that fell to the right (fade).  

  8. In the mid seventies he was one of the longest hitters on the tour also. Very smooth and relaxed power! 

  9. Wow.. I sure have increased respect for Jim McLean after watching this.. I always thought he was an overdetailed- celebrity teacher if you know what I mean… But he NAILED what makes Lietzeke so great. Nice job Jim…

  10. Jim McLean.. Jim.. Thank you for this… I used to hook (or draw) every shot and could shoot even par in tournaments mostly because of my short game. Then I said ''enough!'' and started to think how I could make golf easier. (I have never taken lessons. played from 11 – 14 years old ; got to a 2 handicap and quit for other sports) then took it up at age 47 again after med school, surgery residency, etc. During my time away I played once every 10 years but always shot in mid 70s (at weddings, etc)). Then played on tour in Asia for 9 years- after starting back for one year- with some success even with my hook (reg tour then senior). A month ago is when I said ''enough!'' and started to copy Bruce Lietzke because he said he never hit a hook his whole life and we are the same height t 6'2''. Now I do it like Lietzke (as best as I can) and hit 2 more greens per round (sometimes all 18). I hit a beautiful little fade on every shot now ; like 5 yards on my driver down to 1 yard on my 9 iron. I don''t mis-hit anymore either because I am coming into the ball from''higher out'' if you know what I mean. I wish I had known this when I started on tour. Now 59 years old…

  11. same here[i used to hook every shot and knew there had to be a better way. i studied bruce,s swing and now hit a fade every time. weak left hand grip is my key for this