Joel’s Vlog #7 | Five Big Gear Mistakes Golfers Make | Golf Monthly

► In his latest Vlog, Golf Monthly technical editor Joel Tadman highlights the five biggest golf equipment mistakes amateur golfers can make. Do you fall foul of any of them?

► Here’s the video that explains how you know if your glove is the correct size for your hand:

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  1. Good vid, Joel. I'm guilty on not getting my grips changed as often as I should! Well be re-gripping asap!

  2. Grips I just scrub them with a nail brush and warm soapy water every six months and they feel tacky again but mcc4s are way better in rain with the half corded top.

  3. Interesting stuff Joel! I definitely fall in the trap of chucking gloves straight in the bag and chopping and changing golf balls. Definitely one of my goals for 2018 to help my consistency 😉

  4. I think your comments about going for the biggest driver head allowed is an over simplification. It is much more player specific than you suggest and should be addressed by a good fitting. The smaller headed versions sometimes offer a different spin model, which can benefit players of any standard. I am a mid handicapper who might be expected to benefit from a larger head. However when I was fitted for my Titleist 917, the D3 worked far better for me than the D2. Suggesting we all go 460 is a lazy generalisation.

  5. I choke down on the pitching wedge. I do that to add a 64 wedge. Where I play it’s often to get a shot in thick wet grass close to the green. I don’t use a glove. I just wipe my hands off between swings. A must though are the golf pride half cord grips.

  6. Know what I agree with the driver head size. I went to the King Cobra F7 Driver which was a 460cc oversized head and when my swing was working I barely missed a fairway with it and still solid distance. Only crit is now I’m becoming a long driver I blew it up with the swing speed I put on 😂

  7. Don’t mean to criticise, I know these vlogs are fairly new and thought you’d appreciate the advice, video is really good but the audio is wildly inconsistent. The mic from the camera records your voice much louder than your clip on mic, and then some of the transition music is even louder. I’m constantly adjusting my volume. You should be able to edit audio levels in whatever video editing software you’re using, could also consider using a compressor/limiter if it has one. Enjoying the vlogs though, keep up the good work 👍