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Jon Rahm – Driver Swing


stevepising says:

excellent delivery position, but I never like to see a bowed left wrist at the top and a shut clubface. I know dustin and koepka make it work but it's not a method that lasts in my opinion. Takes too much athleticism and strength. Rahm looks very Gmac in places.

Simon Bartram says:

If he had slightly stronger left hand he wouldn't need the DJ style bow in his wrist. Everything else is efficient,simple,and athletic. Speed in his downswing just shows no need to keep going back.

Grant Ferrigan says:

Because he doesn't hinge as much, his lever is simply longer… simple science!!!

Mike Wrobel says:

too short….will hit it right, under real pressure.

L Duranceau says:

How does he get all that power with a 3/4 swing? Check out the bending of the shaft at :55.

vince guest says:

Short backswing with a shoulder turn that doesn't even get to 90* but powerful turn through and lots of speed….great swing

ge10good says:

Thats a fantastically short swing for so much power, but he creates a lot of lag, and thats what its all about

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