Joost Luiten Golf Swing Lesson

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Joost Luiten Golf Swing Lesson by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark takes a look at the new Wales Open champ 2014 and talks about his golf swing. Watch Luiten’s golf swing in slow-motion as Mark talks backswing, downswing and impact ideas to try and help you with your golf games.

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  1. Nice lesson. You talk about club head position a lot but I can't find a video that explains the position
    From start to finish. 

  2. Great player, he is as he's on the Tour.
    Classical swing ? Not a chance.
    Ben Hogan is the Classic Swing.

  3. Brilliant analysis! Great get this immediately after a Tour win and understand the player. Pity Joost didnt make this Ryder Cup. He got a tough match play reputation (this is why he held it together in Wales), but needs another two years to make a bigger name for himself.

    Mark, can we look forward to a weekly swing analysis from that week's winner on tour?

  4. Wow I have the exact same "quirks" and even with the right elbow out like that. Glad to know someone who plays a lot can take a swing like mine and win tourny's with it. Interesting analysis Mark, thanks for sharing.

  5. just would like your thoughts on wearing glasses, like you my eyes are rubbish need reading glasses but don't use them on the coarse, are your glasses a hindrance getting steamed up, as yours are miles bigger than the ones I where, keep up the good work thanks Sam

  6. He has the talent to be in the Ryder Cup. But with players like Luiten, Gallacher, donaldson you don´t know how they will deal with the pressure. Gallacher is having a hard time now on the Ryder cup. Even Luiten wasn´t swinging the club nice on day 4 at the Wales open. But trust me when i say Joost Luiten will be there in 2016 when he gained more experience in the majors. 

  7. This is a classical finish which is very much the way Jimmy Ballard teaches, a similar example is Rocco Mediate who also stands pretty tall all the way through the swing finishing very upright with 100% of his weight on his left foot! No back problems with this action, also very simple swing to learn!