Jordan Speith Golf Swing : Slow Motion Analysis
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Jordan Speith Golf Swing : Slow Motion Analysis (Golf’s #1 Lag Instructor)

In this video analysis you will see how one of the PGA Tours fastest rising stars, Jordan Speith, uses the correct transition to hit the ball far and straight. If you have been having difficulty with your transition or distance, you will want to watch this video.

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  1. That is fine. I was only pointing out the differences moves that would need to take place in order to get to the same spot. He is rotating the forearms very little in the first half, and twice as much in the second half of the backswing. You could also rotate them gradually throughout. The idea is that so many people get caught up in a position and lose sight of what is really happening in general. He arrives at a nice position at the top of the swing. ~Clay Ballard

  2. The famous Sam Snead "squat". They didn't call him Slammin' Sam for nothing. He routinely drove the ball 300 yds. w/ a persimmon wood driver and a steel shaft. The bit about Speith having to compensate for a closed club face going back is not accurate. In a one piece take away, if the wrists are completely neutral, as Speith's are, the club face will naturally be looking at the ground. Try it. Coming back down, no compensation is needed to square the club face at impact. That's the beauty of the one piece take away. Timing the hands/wrists is impossible, so best to leave them out of it entirely.

  3. Learnt something new 2 days ago…. playing off 12…. lol… I shot 4 over gross…. instead of rolling the wrists… my coach taught me to flick… at impact… I now get true pure distance with … fantastic accuracy. Super video… 

  4. Not a very pretty swing (like Adam Scott or Rory Mcilroy) but he gets the job done. His finish looks a little weird and I always think (at least with the irons) that he's hit it fat. 

  5. Ok, I know that this is an old video – but really – could your draw more arrows, and other lines John Madden – way too many things going on to take away any value – focus on 1 or 2 key fundamentals – this is just going to screw people up. 

  6. He is as close to a natural as you get. Open invitation to play as my guest at St Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton. 

  7. Hmmm. I'd say his club face is square to it's arc in his take-away, not closed. If the face angle is the same as the spine angle, the face is still square to it's arc, same as at set-up. If the toe is straight up, it is open to the spine angle, and open to it's arc.
    His head is actually raising AND moving away from the target just prior to impact; a powerful move which helps "sling" the club through the ball.
    If you watch Jordan go through his pre-shot routine in back of the ball, you will note his rehearsal back swings bring his hands only to shoulder height. When he actually swings, he takes the hands much further up. My bet is if he executed his back swing the same as his rehearsal, he'd be just as powerful, and have far fewer leaky shots.
    I love his squat coming down, That compresses the coil which forces it to unwind faster. Us old farts can't do that so well, and keeping the head level works.
    As always, great analysis Clay. I know we don't agree on every detail, but, I still enjoy your vids, some of the best on YT.

  8. His club face is not closed halfway back on the takeaway.  It matches his spine angle.  Rolling the club face open to get the toe up will get the club stuck behind you on the down swing unless we come over top of it with the shoulders.  Just a thought….

  9. is it ok for your hips to be well ahead of the rest of your body? ive heard you want your belt buckel pointed at your target at impact.

  10. Can you take a look and comment tips on how to improve my swing on my channel? Thanks! Im a 14 yr old golfer looking for some tips:)

  11. Club face was definitely square halfway back, ie It was parallel to his spine angle and perfectly square not closed. I'm off plus 3hcp. Sorry but gotta call it when i see it.

  12. Like others have said here, the position you say is closed is actually square. His left wrist is flat at that point and he maintains that same position throughout the swing. If the blade rotates open to the top of the swing like you say, his left wrist would have to be in a cupped position.

  13. "I'll try and draw a straighter line this time"… draws crooked line, "There you go" hahaha

  14. To drive golf ball all over the map and still win any tournament , leave alone a major just doesn't seem to add up IMO!!!!

  15. Cmon folx give the guy a break. He is of course, … "the lag doctor"
    Fundamentals and basics stand the test of time forever in finite universe. Beyond that if all you can think about is club face and spine angles, lines drawn on a screen, mechanical motions, ect ect.. well geeze man, after all it is swinging a stick at a ball that is lying still waiting for you. Free yourself.

  16. I am surprised to see that, compared to Hogan, Jordon has little wrist cock, or lag, down into the ball. The squatting action is nothing new; everyone should know by now that all good players have the squatting move… down.   

    These new tour players are great, but Hogan had the most athletic swing ever.  The players of old simply did not have the same putters and the same putting technique as the current players now know and use……like Speith, who basically rose to the top with his putter.

  17. Can you show a tip on how to hide behind your cap and make sure your hair is just perfect when you're pretty sure you're gonna win a tournament, lol

  18. This made me realize the significance of stance in gaining the right amount of energy for hitting a good strike.

  19. Dr !   Please explain the chicken wing that we see at the end of Jordan's swing.  Is he not releasing the club properly? Should he not allow the left elbow to fold in ? How the heck can he be that good?