Jordan Spieth Consistent Golf Swing

See the entire level shoulders video here:

RST Instructor Chris Tyler shows a breakdown on Jordan Spieth.

In this new video, I’ll show you the key areas in Jordan’s swing that allow him to hit his fairway woods nice and solid every single time.

I’ll also show you how important axis tilt is at address and how important the lead shoulder position is at impact when hitting golf shots off those tricky tight lies. You will learn how to locate the mistakes in your own swing and get on your way to reaching those par 5’s in 2.

Don’t fear the clubs in your bag. Get the confidence you deserve!

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  1. Actually im using a regular flex shaft and i hit average 260-270, if i start using a womens shaft flex, that will make my distance increpase?.

  2. I'm really surprised at how early and gradual his releases is. With less lag than a lot of the long hitters, it shows just how efficient his swing is because he can bomb it out there! Looks like it will be a great season for Jordan.

  3. I like your video and think you explained it very well! I appreciate this information. Thanks very much for the video. Scott Dallas, Tx.