Jordan Spieth Golf Swing Analysis- by Craig Hanson You Tubes Top Online Trainer.

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  1. chrs for the video, yeah no doubt this guy (and billy horschel IMO) are awesome, (graham delat also very good). but mate IMO you omit certain thigns in your analysis namely:

    (i) what is he doing "wrong" if anything and
    (ii) what he could do better.

  2. Am I hallucinating, or does he have a bowed wrist at the top? Not as pronounced as Dustin Johnson, but I think it is bowed at the top.

  3. speith seems to shift his weight slightly onto his LEFT side just as he begins his takeaway.  I've noticed that on his pitch shots he does a forward press with his hands also on his takeaway.  Comments?

  4. Craig, how sustainable is his left ankle bending like that at impact?  I've seen him hit the driver and its even more pronounced.  Surely he has to make a change or he will snap it clean off.

  5. He's got his club on a good general plane all the way through. Kinda hesitant and jerky for my tastes. Would rather see a more, smoother and athletic-coordinated type of swing.

  6. His right arm is too far away from his body on the down swing. That is why he is erratic tee to green. 100 times better than me, but I think that is his swing problem.

  7. Bubba watson said about him "jordan doesn't do anything fancy. He doesnt hit very long, just consistant. He drives in the fairway, hits the green and 2 putts. Every hole. And that wins majors."