In this video I talk about the hallmark’s of Jordan Spieth’s great golf swing.

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  1. He has no wrist hinge much like Steve Stricker,only he bows his wrist a bit more.
    The reason he is winning is not because of his swing but mainly because of his amazing putting and chipping game.

  2. Great analysis Christo! It's nice to see your descriptions of "Running at the ball" and "Shangri La" with tour players. I'm always learning something!

  3. Jordan showed the resolve of a great champion today, and charm and humility in his excellent winners speech. I went onfriday, how they can play sub par golf in that weather is beyond me! At times the rain was really pouring down, but that is what separates the men from the boys at the Open. PS (Christo, there is no such thing as the British Open, you must stop calling it the British Open ????)

  4. Might I just say that Jordan spieths swing is not that good as compared to other tour players, would not recommend trying on reg. Golfers but great vid!

  5. Ok Christo….you've analyzed Jordon's swing. Now let's see you take a look at Canadian Austin Connelly. Pair him up side by side with Spieth. Why? Because they both play in Texas and they have the same coach. Let's see any similarities in their swings. Connnelly fell back 3 shots on day 4 to -2 in a crazy round that saw him get 5 bogeys and a double bogey combined with 4 birdies. In fact he had 4 birdies in 5 holes… birdie, birdie, double bogey, birdie, birdie. And he is only 20 years old and this was his first major ever!!! Tied for 14th, he was in 3rd after 3 rounds!

    Would really like to see that side by side of the two from the same coach…. 20 and 23 years old.

  6. Secret? A short memory and a great putter. He hit it all over the lot this week. You could argue that he won despite his ball striking. This is not an absolute, but sometimes a flip can happen if you're worried about making good contact instead of releasing freely to a deep target. For example, if there is a tree past the green, you think of releasing the club to that tree. It's kind of like throwing a sidearm to a buddy when playing catch. What makes it nearly impossible to miss your buddy when throwing is that your looking at your buddy. I could throw accurately to him 100 out of 100. What makes golf hard is that you're hitting a ball on the ground. If you make that your focus, your stall flip is likely to plague you. Everyone is chasing some secret, but really there is not a mechanical secret. Everyone is different which is why Bubba and Freddy grip it strong while Jack and Ben used a weak grip. If there is a secret, it's the target. I've chased the secret. It's pointless as I always think that I've got it only to be crushed when it fails to work the very next time I play. I do believe that the setup is important, but unique to the player. And you need a good routine. But, thinking about body parts during the swing is an endless cycle of frustration. Now, I just pick a target in the distance and release to it. I still miss fairways and greens, but this new focus has me going lower than I used to. I had my first under par 9 holes in years…preceded by a + 2 nine holes.

  7. But I thought you came to the conclusion a year or two ago that Ben Hogan's secret was the shangri la wrist position, spieth clearly displays this with the bowed left wrist which he holds onto and fires through the ball with plenty of lag, with the face staying square

  8. British Open, British Open, British Open, British Open. There, i hope I triggered all the "Open" people to have seizures.

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