Jordan Spieth’s Swing Gets Analyzed by David Leadbetter | Golf Swing Analysis | Golf Digest

Breaking down the swing of Jordan Spieth, analysis by golf instructor David Leadbetter.

[Announcer] Jordan Spieth, Masters champion.
Now if we look at Jordan’s backswing, it’s a
pretty classical backswing position from this angle.
He gets the left wrist a little bowed
and the clubface hangs very open,
which means that he’s got a very weak grip,
in other words, his left hand is very weak.
But, great length to his backswing,
beautiful start to his downswing,
lower body leads, we can see upper body follows,
great angle retention, and interesting
how he has a little bit of a bend with his left arm.
In my opinion, that’s just to keep
the clubface square through the ball.
And we can see, there’s not really any wrist hinge
up in to the finish.
So, good full extension, and really the club only
un-hinges, shall we say, or re-hinges
at the very, very finish.
I think Jordan’s trying to hit
a little bit of a face here, had an upper body set
that’s a little open.
Really good angles, the way he stands to the ball,
we can see at the top of the backswing,
definitely a little bow with the wrists.
Clubface hangs great, though, and look at that bounce
into the finish.
It’s a calm swing, it’s a swing
that doesn’t get out of pace, out of rhythm.
And I think this is the thing
that really stands in the good step.

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Jordan Spieth’s Swing Gets Analyzed by David Leadbetter | Golf Swing Analysis | Golf Digest

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  1. I little like Westwood.
    Most amateurs would hit the ball with a 100 yd slice with this action because they cannot keep the swing flat as they come down and keep that bow in the left wrist and turn their left wrist so quickly.
    Alot of his down swing mechanics are to prevent digging in the dirt a foot behind the ball ( as he is still squat a little from his address position, using the ground for hip speed ala Tiger ) and preventing a monster hook.
    This swing will occasionally produce a left/long shot when he gets tired and cannot get those hips cleared and open, it started happening today 1st rd British Open on the back 9, jetlag etc…

  2. speiths alignment with lower body is closed and upper body is open, interesting….. he then takes it outside slightly. Interesting move for sure…

  3. His secret in my opinion starts in his left ankle at impact. He has a supinated left ankle at impact which leads to external rotation of his left femur which allows for more hip and trunk rotation through the ball. More hip and trunk rotation and less arm rotation through impact means a squarer, more consistent clubface through the hitting zone.

  4. Pause it a 57 seconds and you can see how much supination or left ankle inversion he has at impact and as a result one can see how much of his butt is facing the camera at impact and just after impact.

  5. Pause it at 15 seconds. Johnny Miller feet from the 70s. Looks like his ankle is going to snap and his foot might fall off.

  6. I've been trying for years to get rid of my "alligator arms" in my swing. I think I'll concentrate on something different now. It sure doesn't seem to affect Jordon's ball striking.