JUST LOOK AT THAT!! Stranraer Golf Club – Part Two

Thank you VisitScotland for sorting the trip, for more information on Scotland and the courses I played on this trip visit these links. And remember Dumfries and Galloway is only a short ferry away from the 2019 Open Championship in Northern Ireland.

►Golf in Dumfries & Galloway: http://www.southofscotlandgolf.com
Visitor info on Dumfries & Galloway: ►http://www.visitscotland.com/dumfries-galloway
►Thornhill Golf Club: http://www.thornhillgolfclub.co.uk
►Southerness Golf Club: http://southernessgolfclub.com
►Stranraer Golf Club: http://www.stranraergolfclub.net
►Hetland Hall Hotel: http://hetlandhallhotel.co.uk
►Cally Palace Hotel: http://www.mcmillanhotels.co.uk/hotels/cally-palace-hotel

►GolfAlong Info http://bit.ly/2BlXA5Z
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  1. Katie hits the ball well and putts exceedingly well…Ya' gotcha' work cut out to win this here one, Peter…Cheers!!

  2. Lovin' this series Peter. I just have this nagging feeling that Katie is just playing with you. Kinda like a cat playing with a mouse you know.

  3. Hyperbole…….. the clearest indication yet of caffeine withdrawal as Mr Finch creates the new Super Bowl 🏟 tournament during filming 😂👍 Good work young sir !

  4. Love the new format! Rather than just enjoy the play, we get some swing and course management! Keep it up!

  5. Looks like Katie is aiming a little right, and then hits it left and opens up the shoulders early in the downswing to let the ball slice back?

  6. For all of you, 25 hcp who play brand new shiny blades that Katie is a +1 and she's playing AP1s. Just saying… Cheers

  7. Love this course and great vlog. Been struggling the last couple of months, but your swingquest video with your rotation was a lighbulb moment. Out last night for a few holes and can see where I've been swaying away from the ball rather than rotating round the body. Great stuff