Keeping Eyes on the Golf Ball | Golf with Aimee

Q: I can’t seem to keep my eyes on the golf ball.
Is it because my back swing is too rushed?
Or it is because I move too much in the back swing?
Also, do I have to keep my eyes on the ball when I swing?

I divided the lesson into 2 parts, today I will be answering:
If rushed & too much movement will prevent you from keeping your eyes on the ball during the golf swing.

Ideally you want to keep you eyes on the golf ball. It helps to stay down and create consistent impact.
The rushed back swing & too much movement in the back swing are actually caused by same one thing, I will tell you what that is & show you a simple drill to fix that fault.

In the next lesson, I will answer the last question,
Do you absolutely have to keep your eyes on the ball during the golf swing?

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Filmed at Upland Hills Country Club, California.

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