Keeping The LEFT ARM STRAIGHT In The Golf Swing

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If you’re a golfer who’s struggling to keep his/her left arm straight in the swing… please watch this video!

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  1. Byron Nelson was the strongest proponent of the straight left arm. Check out his book "Winning Golf" of 1947. Never saw a photo of him with anything but a straight left arm.

  2. Lee Westwood is probably a fairly extreme left arm hyper bender by pro standards and he just won the Nedbank Challenge taking him to the top (as of 16/11/18) of the career earners list on the European Tour (€36,152,284) so that's good enough for me. Great video very informative. What is 'swag' by the way?

  3. Loose arms will set you free. You guys are putting out some great content and love the use of gears to back it up

  4. It's amazing how computer analysis can show us that what you think you see or feel in the golf swing isn't necessarily what is actually happening. Keep up the great work!