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  1. Playing some decent golf this year, consistently in the 90s. But I seem to have a problem with driving in the golf league I'm in. I can drive long and straight if I play by myself or with friends but when I'm in a tournament or in the league I seem to get nervous and slice or hook terribly bad, any ideas on how to warm up to be more relaxed? Thanks love the videos you guys have helped my game from the beginning and made me the golfer I am today.

  2. Still struggling with random slices and heel strikes. Still playing 3 digit stroke rounds.

  3. the issue im having is adding power to my swing, if i just let my arms do the work i can hit it straight 90% of the time but when i try to hit it harder theres no telling where itll go. any advice for that?

  4. A round of 87, my 2nd round under 90 (previous was 86). It included 8 pars, 1 birdie and 3 seven's(!) – all triple bogies. If only………

  5. Guys as always great video! Btw using 18Birdies, premium member so thanks for the tip, great app. I’ve just shot my best round ever 88 (18shots over) thanks to you guys precious best was 28. 👍🏻👍🏻

  6. Turning everything left at the moment. Manageable with my driver but killing me on iron shots into the green.

  7. Been cut 1.4 since the start of the year. Back down to 12.0 now.
    ‘Lost’ driver for past couple of weeks though.
    This video may have come at exactly the right time.

  8. 31hp, playing at my handicap and haven't gone up or down.
    I have a problem that I started slicing, I started the season with a hook but don't understand why I slice it.
    I can still hook the ball when playing the lower iron clubs but slicing the higher ones.

  9. My game is still terrible, but getting better! I managed a few par's and a half dozen bogies yesterday (better than my usual double bogey at best)

    Still slicing like mad on the drives and over hitting my chip ins like crazy, but getting better!

  10. This season I've dropped from shooting in the low 100's to a consistent 7 handicap. I want to thank you guys Andy and Piers for being such awesome coaches, thanks to you guys I'm playing my best golf ever and keep getting better!

  11. Hey Guys. I stopped playing regularly in 1999, and restated about 3 months ago. I've not taken any notice of anything golf related for 20 years so it's a bit like coming back from the moon. Very Interesting. I used to play off 12 – currently 27 (with occasional flashes of better shots). So its fun coming back and working on my technique being 20 years older (55 now)!

  12. I only Play Golf for 3 years so I Stuck on Handicap ~16. Lenght is no problem but sometimes my balls have a hook and sometimes a slice. That's my biggest issue in my game and the reason why im not a single handicaper. (I Hit almost every shot with good contact but the direction Changes). My Golf teachers couldnt gave me tips for getting consistent (like fix points…).

  13. Shot a 105 with 8 in the water (water on 17/18 including twice on some par 5s). Was the hardest course I’ve ever played and I hadn’t practiced much. So actually quite happy with it. Broke 87 last season, I’ll get below that this season if it ever stops raining lol. Just need to be safe off the box, and grind the <75 yard shots. Also the flat stick.

  14. Careful with foot spray. Talcum powder frequently co-exists with asbestos ore in underground deposits. Mined talcum can be contaminated without your knowledge, as recently happened to a brand of makeup that was taken off the shelves – despite modern quality control measures to prevent this. Face tape is a safe alternative. Lacking that, masking tape on the face in conjunction with marking an X on the ball with whiteboard marker works too. The mark will transfer onto the face.

  15. My short game adds 50-60 strokes to my game. I love to practice on my game but I have no idea how and what to practice to ensure that my short game gets better. Great video guys. Keep up the good work

  16. My session is all over the shop at the minute I got me clubs stolen and i lent a set of my friends to get me by until I could buy some more now he wants them back so back having no clubs but never mind will sort some hopefully soon then I can get a few rounds in before the big comps start great video boys

  17. I have been working on the drills you suggest for straighter drives which has help. But now I hit a push fade to the right most often and sometimes hit a straight shot. Not sure how to correct it since I am getting great distance about 280 + but want to be more accurate. I finally shot below a 100 last month with just under 1 year of playing. Thanks again

  18. Heel/toe & tennis analogy are interesting concepts. My confortable shot in tennis is slice & in golf, driver is heavy fade. I'll be taking this out to the 12 foot wide range, lol. (It's been a bit of time.)

  19. My game is going in the opposite direction and becoming more inconsistent. My driver accuracy was around 78% fairways hit. It’s dropped of significant. Iron play has also dropped off for ive gone from a 3 to an 8. This has all happened as I have increased the numbers of rounds I play. 🤷‍♀️