Knee Sleeves (Medium) Blue by Sports Fitness Labs – 7 mm Knee Support Wraps Best for WODs, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Squats, Plyometics, Fitness – Men & Women – Pair of Knee Sleeves

Start Treating Your Knees Right With Sports Fitness Labs’ Knee Sleeves

Due to genetics, repeated workout motions or pre-existing conditions, knees can be particularly vulnerable to stress, pain and injuries.

It’s amazing how, despite their very small surface area, the knees withstand an enormous amount of pressure, safeguarding your mobility, from your first steps in life and onwards.

Sustaining a catastrophic knee injury would have a long-lasting impact on your mobility and your quality of life.

That is why you need to act NOW and invest in the best preventative measure to keep your knees functioning in tip-top shape.

World’s Finest Sleeves

Our sleeves are your best choice for protecting your knees. Amongst a sea of inferior products, which claim to provide optimal knee support but fail to live up to their claims, our product speaks for itself.

Designed after thorough experimentation, our sleeves will help you:

Increase Your Performance, to the best of your ability; Prevent Injuries, through supporting knee joints & ligaments; Reduce Swelling & Post-Workout Pain, Expediting Recovery; Boost Knee Circulation & maintain smooth knee muscle & joint function.

As Versatile As Fitness Itself

Perfect for weight exercises, plyometric, strength jump training, sprinting, agility drills, cross training WODs and all kinds of fitness activities, our sleeves will become your best fitness companion, protecting your knees, for many years to come.

What’s In The Box:

1 x Pair Of 7 mm Knee Sleeves

NOTE: Always consult with your physician prior to purchase, should you have a pre-existing injury.

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Product Features

  • PREVENT KNEE INJURIES: Offering unparalleled mechanical support to your knee joints, our sleeves are the best preventative measure against the incidence of common, exercise-related injuries, such tendonitis. Additionally, wearing knee sleeves is recommended for those returning to fitness, post-rehabilitation or physical therapy for ACL, meniscus and numerous other, knee or leg injuries.

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